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river, Armenia: see ArasAras
, Armenian, Rus., Araks, Azeri Araz, river, c.600 mi (970 km) long, rising in the Transcaucasus Mts., NE Turkey. It flows generally east, forming parts of the Turkey-Armenia, Armenia-Iran, and Azerbaijan-Iran borders, before entering Azerbaijan where it joins
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a river in Transcaucasia; largest tributary of the Kura. The border between the USSR and Turkey and Iran runs along the Araks below its confluence with the Akhurian River. Length, 1,072 km; basin area, 102,000 sq km.

The Araks River rises in Turkey on the slopes of Mount Bingöl. In its upper course it is a mountain river, flowing mostly in a narrow gorge. After the Akhurian River joins the Araks from the left, the valley widens and the river flows into the Ararat Plain, where it is contained within narrow banks, dividing into branches. Below its confluence with the Nakhichevanchai, the Araks enters a canyon and flows for the most part within a narrow valley until reaching the Kura-Araks lowland. For its last 100 km the Araks flows in an avalanche-filled channel through the Muganskaia and Mil’skaia plains (Azerbaijan SSR); it flows into the Kura from the right near the city of Sabirabad.

The Araks is fed primarily by ground water and snow. High water is from March through June, with rainwater flash floods in November and December. The Araks annually carries away 7.6 cu km of water and deposits 16 million tons of alluvium. Its chief tributaries are the Akhurian, Razdan, Arpa, and Vorotan (Bargiushad) on the left; and the Kotur and Karasu on the right. The Araks is not navigable. In its lower course it is used for irrigation. According to an agreement between the USSR and Iran, construction of a Soviet-Iranian hydrotechnical complex on the Araks River began in 1970.

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Investigation of Aras river riparian shows main changes in some zones due to pollutants spilling as below:
The plan as described so far is to divert water from the Aras River, pump it over the mountains and use it to build up Lake Urumiyeh while also providing drinking water to 22 cities and 286 villages and irrigation water for an area that is now rapidly drying up.
Mr Rasoul Zargar Iran`s deputy energy minister in water affairs discussed the outlook of cooperation between Iran and Armenia concerning generation of electricity and issues related to construction of a hydro electrical power plant on Aras River with Mr Armen Movsisyan Armenian energy & natural resources minister and his deputy.
Actually, it has been actively promoted for two decades by many Azerbaijanis on both sides of the Aras River.
Khoda Afarin Dam is an earth-fill embankment dam on the Aras River straddling the border between Iran and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.
A plan to bring water from the Aras River, which forms the border with Azerbaijan and flows into the Caspian, has been much discussed.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A new bridge built over the Aras River near Jolfa border checkpoint along Iran-Azerbaijan border has come into operation, Iranian Ambassador to Baku Mohsen Pakayeen announced on Saturday.
A major Turkish firm has committed to take over the program to transfer water from the Aras River to replenish shrinking Lake Urumiyeh.
A timetable was also agreed on for the joint construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Aras River, which forms their mutual border.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Baku Mohsen Pakayeen announced that government has plans to save the dying lake of Orumiyeh in the Northwestern parts of the country, adding that Tehran will use its share of Aras river to revive the Lake.
A few weeks ago, officials said the plan was to divert water from the Aras River, which forms Iran's border with Azerbaijan, to refill Lake Urumiyeh.
The Aras River is located in and along the countries of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.