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(ərā`təs), fl. 3d cent. B.C., Greek court poet, from Soli in Cilicia. He wrote an astronomical treatise, Phenomena, which was quoted by Paul at Athens.


d. 213 B.C., Greek statesman and general of Sicyon, prime mover and principal leader of the Second Achaean LeagueAchaean League
, confederation of cities on the Gulf of Corinth. The First Achaean League, about which little is known, was formed presumably before the 5th cent. B.C. and lasted through the 4th cent. B.C. Its purpose was mutual protection against pirates.
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. His objective at first was to free the Peloponnesus from Macedonian domination, and he is credited with bringing into the confederation many of the principal cities of Greece. But he was blamed for the subsequent Macedonian domination of the Peloponnesus, for while fighting Cleomenes III of Sparta and the Aetolian League he changed his policy toward Macedonia and called in Antigonus IIIAntigonus III
(Antigonus Doson) , d. 221 B.C., king of Macedon. On the death of Demetrius II he became regent for Demetrius' son Philip (Philip V). He married the widow of Demetrius, and in 227 he proclaimed himself king.
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See F. W. Walbank, Aratos of Sicyon (1933).

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