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It was after a shipwreck, crossing the dreaded Middle Passage from West Africa, that the human cargo of slaves wound up on the island now known as St Vincent, where they intermingled with the Callinago, themselves a mixture of Arawak and Caribs.
The Europeans killed the Arawak for gold, for love and sex and friendship, for something to do, for sport, for god and country, for nothing, forever.
Even the brown-skinned girls who float around the table boast family trees that include Carib, Arawak, Syrian and African branches.
Domineeky has been moving into a more world, less exclusively dance driven sound featuring African beats, jazz and funk, drawing on his own roots from Sierra Leone and the Afro-Caribbean and Arawak heritage.
According to Elaine Breslaw, whose Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem (1996) remains the most thorough attempt to document Tituba's origins, Parris purchased John Indian and Tituba in Barbados, and Tituba was likely an Arawak Indian.
I fly out over the Great Lakes and the Boston Harbor and wonder how I will ever explain these Great Spaces to my students whose sun shrivels the cob and blooms the coconut, whose jungle mountains smell of coffee and culantro, tobacco and arroz con pollo, bananas and yautias, and cradle the coqui-coqui, Taino and Arawak chants, booming forth the plena and bomba drum beats, the merengue and salsa all-night hip swings, and who piled up ant-like 3 million and counting strong on a volcanic island barely 100 miles long by 35 wide, face with naive hearts blue waters so often dangerously deep and stormy, deceptively wide, invitingly OPEN.
GET a great deal on gifts like nutmeg, soaps, jams and jellies from the Arawak Islands Factory Shop.
Her take on novels such as Midnight Robber is partially supported by Hopkinson's own statement in this issue that "I, while phenotypically and culturally black, also have Scottish, Jewish, South Asian, and possibly Arawak ancestry in my background.
They seem to have had no general name for themselves, and Taino and Arawak are among the names given them in modern times.
Alexandra Aikhenvald presents her analyses on "Serial Verb Constructions in Tariana", an Arawak language from northwest Amazonia, in Chapter 8 (pp.
Finally, Chapter 5, 'Landfall: Carib and Arawak Sedimentation', concludes Part II by returning to the Caribbean, focusing on the excavation of the 'traces' of indigenous Carib and Arawak presence in Michelle Cliff's 1981 novel No Telephone to Heaven and Merle Collins's 1995 novel The Colour of Forgetting.