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Tan-Tan's adventure with the fantastical rolling calf recalls the historical cimaroon, another Spanish naming of the Maroons and Arawaks.
the Arawak culture no longer survives to tell its story and the heirs of
The peace-loving Arawak Indians had settled there some three thousand years before, in their migration away from the South American continent and persecution at the hands of the marauding Carib tribes.
The earliest settlers in the Virgin Islands were the Indian tribes of the Ciboneys, the Arawaks and the Caribs.
the Arawaks quickly became an endangered species with the arrival of Christopher Columbus.
Its very population is a direct result of the African slave trade, European migration, and later immigration from various parts of mostly the British empire, while little is left of the indigenous Arawaks or Caribs.
Convinced that the hot pods the native Arawaks called aji were a form of pepper, he called them pimientos, after the Spanish word for pepper.
The symbols, gestures and myths of Hinduism were an important inspiration to Gauguin which he mixed with the more ancient ceremonies of the Caraibes and original Arawaks of the island, all alternatively wiped out by succeeding invaders.
In their resistance, the Arawaks faced armed invaders and had little chance of surviving a conflict, and so they committed mass suicide and killed their infants rather than succumb to the Spaniards.
This History of violence and violence of History was manifest in the conquest and near annihilation of the aboriginal Amerindian population, the Arawaks and Caribs.
The warlike Carib people drove the Arawaks from neighboring islands but apparently did not settle on either Antigua or Barbuda.
Le terme marronnage provient du lexique iberique (cimarron) et il aurait ete emprunte aux premiers habitants de Quisqueya, les Arawaks (Lucas 2002 : 14).