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river, Turkey and Azerbaijan: see ArasAras
, Armenian, Rus., Araks, Azeri Araz, river, c.600 mi (970 km) long, rising in the Transcaucasus Mts., NE Turkey. It flows generally east, forming parts of the Turkey-Armenia, Armenia-Iran, and Azerbaijan-Iran borders, before entering Azerbaijan where it joins
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Hamid Chitchian and his counterpart had recently announced their approval on construction of two power plants on River Araxes, with banking and financing arrangements being solved to launch the project at the earliest.
Araxes was darker, especially after the local storm in 2003 May.
hic Nomadum genus et discinctos Mulciber Afros, hic Lelegas Carasque sagittiferosque Gelonos finxerat; Euphrates ibat iam molior undis, extremique hominum Morini, Rhenusque bicornis, indomitique Dahae, etpontem indignatus Araxes (A.
The Araxes, dividing Iran and Turkey on the one side and the former Soviet Union on the other, is a legendarily rapid and vehement river, one that historically confounded all attempts to build a bridge over it.
All bounds (terminus omnis) have been removed, cities have set their walls in new lands, and the world, now passable throughout, has left nothing where it once had place: the Indian drinks of the cold Araxes, the Persians quaff the Elbe and the Rhine.
An Armenian film crew in northern Iran, where the cemetery was visible from, had videotaped dozens of men in uniforms in the Azerbaijani border hacking the khachkars down with sledgehammers, using a crane to remove some of the largest monuments from the ground, breaking the stones into small pieces, and dumping them into the River Araxes by a large truck.