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see ArkhangelskArkhangelsk
or Archangel
, city (1990 est. 418,000), NW European Russia, on the Northern Dvina near its mouth at the White Sea. Although icebound much of the year, it is a leading Russian port and can generally be made usable by icebreakers.
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, Russia.


(ärk`ānjəl), chief angelangel
, [Gr.,=messenger], bodiless, immortal spirit, limited in knowledge and power, accepted in the traditional belief of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and other religions. Angels appear frequently in the Bible, often in critical roles, e.g., visiting Abraham and Lot (Gen.
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. They are four to seven in number. Sometimes specific functions are ascribed to them. The four best known in Christian tradition are MichaelMichael
[Heb.,=who is like God?], archangel prominent in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim traditions. In the Bible and early Jewish literature, Michael is one of the angels of God's presence.
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, GabrielGabriel
, archangel, the divine herald. In the Bible he appears to Daniel (twice), to Zacharias, and to the Virgin Mary in the Annunciation (Dan. 8.16; 9.21; Luke 1.19,26,27). Christian tradition makes Gabriel the archangel trumpeter of the Last Judgment (1 Thes. 4.16).
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, RaphaelRaphael
, archangel. He is prominent in the book of Tobit, as the companion of Tobias, as the healer of Tobit, and as the rescuer of Sara from Asmodeus. Milton made him a featured character of Paradise Lost. Feast: Sept. 29 (jointly with the other archangels).
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, and UrielUriel
. 1, 2 Two descendants of Kohath. 3 Man whose daughter became mother of King Abijah of Judah. The name appears in the pseudepigrapha for an archangel. He is introduced in Milton's Paradise Lost as the angel of the sun.
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. In early Jewish literature archangels are called "angels of the presence."


1. a principal angel, a member of the order ranking immediately above the angels in medieval angelology
2. another name for angelica
3. yellow archangel a Eurasian herbaceous plant (Lamiastrum luteum) that has yellow helmet-shaped flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
4. a bronze-coloured breed of domestic pigeon with black markings


a port in NW Russia, on the Dvina River: major centre for the timber trade and White Sea fisheries. Pop.: 345 000 (2005 est.)
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