Arch Bridge

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arch bridge

[′ärch ‚brij]
(civil engineering)
A bridge having arches as the main supports.

Arch Bridge


a bridge with span structures, the basic components of which are arches or vaults. Characteristic traits of an arch bridge are the transfer to the supports not only of the vertical but also the horizontal stresses (thrust), as well as the strain, primarily of compression, on the arches or vaults. Stone arch bridges have been known since the most ancient times. Modern arch bridges are built, for the most part, of reinforced concrete or of steel. An example is the railroad arch bridge across the Oka River at the city of Gorky. It was built of precast reinforced concrete and has main spans of 150 m each. In special instances thrustless arch bridges have been erected using special elements (tie beams) which take the thrust. Arch bridges are usually built with a roadway on top. They are marked by lightness of structural components and architectural expressiveness.


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It was the world's longest single-span arch bridge.
IN recent years a new, blue painted steel arch bridge was installed at the top of Hill Street.
It's a modern take on the traditional stone arch bridge, but is faster to erect.
In addition to being an architectural and engineering landmark for the city of Fort Worth, this precast network arch bridge is a safe, sound and high-quality structure that will benefit both motorists and businesses.
Specifically, Baker will provide final design services including project management, public involvement, project meetings, DBE coordination and arch bridge design.
The arch bridge will connect Baramulla to Jammu via Udhampur- Katra- Qazigund with a travel time of six- and- a- half hours.
PESHAWAR, January 24, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The National Highway Authority (NHA) on Monday here dispelled news reports that British-era built arch bridge near Government Postgraduate College Nowshera is not safe for travelling and termed such reports as baseless and unfounded.
Hourani added that the 2nd phase includes re-organizing al-Sharia knot with SYP 48 million cost and the 3rd phase includes implementation of an arch bridge on the knot to connect al-Salamiya road with a cost of SYP 353 million.
The state is building the bridge because the adjacent arch bridge that connects Aquidneck Island with Tiverton and southeastern Massachusetts is rusted and is barred to vehicles with more than two axles.
has completed reconstruction of the original 10-span arch bridge over the Fox River on the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) six months ahead of schedule, McHugh officials announced.
For example, you see that Stone Arch Bridge painting, with the outline of a dead body?