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Madella, Lancelotti, and Savard edit this collection on archaeobotany presented in four sections.
From my perspective the key omission of the volume is a contemporary perspective of agriculture in South West Asia and China, home of the 'traditional view', as well as the almost unforgiveable absence of the Indian subcontinent, where systematic archaeobotany is revolutionizing our conceptions of agricultural prehistories.
The archaeobotany cannot be ignored and will alarm, and amelioration needs action not political posturing.
The fieldwork has been research-based, oriented to refining local cultural history and chronology, tracing the development of plant use through archaeology and archaeobotany, and investigating long-term land use patterns.
This book is one of several volumes which form the published proceedings of an August 2002 conference which attracted zooarchaeologists and scholars from related disciplines such as paleoanthropology, archaeobotany, bone chemistry, genetics, and mainstream archaeology.
Contributions range chronologically from prehistoric Iran to modern nomadic pastoralism and across the disciplines of archaeology, archaeobotany, history, art history, philology, and metallurgy.
WILLIAM CREMIN, Professor of Anthropology at Western Michigan University, has major interests in environmental archaeology, archaeobotany, and the prehistory and ethnohisrory of midwestern North America.
The results, which she reported earlier this month at the International Workshop on African Archaeobotany in Frankfurt, Germany, show that "levels of .
Jim Dickson, Professor of archaeobotany at Glasgow University, has also resolved a dispute over whether Oetzi came from the Italian or Austrian side of the border.
A scientist specializing in tropical archaeobotany at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, she pioneered research on the analysis of phytoliths - the microcopic silica bodies that occur in many plant species - particularly in relation to the origins of agriculture in lowland Central America.
2014b): Fuel use management during the Mesolithic: recent approaches in archaeobotany.
Recent advances in archaeobotany have revealed these connections through evidence of food crops of African origin found at various archaeological sites in the subcontinent.