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ANCIENT: Polesworth Abbey (below and above) is scene of an archeological dig
There is a new nature walk for younger children, new drama workshops for older children and a chance for pupils to visit an archeological dig taking place at New Place, which was Shakespeare's final home.
Goldstein said he expects to be back to building the home today after losing two days of work for the unexpected archeological dig.
Created by award-winning designer, Daniel Flannery (whose credits and clients include the Olympics, "Forrest Gump," Steven Spielberg, "The Today Show," and Walt Disney), Adventure Slots encompasses three distinct "locations": the Archeological Dig, the Temple, and the Jungle.
A studio spokesman said that Connolly will star in the film, currently shooting in Montreal, Canada, as Professor Edward Johnston who goes missing during an archeological dig at a mediaeval site in France.
Children and their parents are invited to participate in a simulated archeological dig at 2 p.
Attractions for children include a pretend archeological dig, corn grinding, petroglyph rubbing and fire starting using traditional methods.
The original black-and-white photos are all given a sepia tone, which helps give the effect of what Robert Creamer calls in the forward ``an archeological dig.
Dinosaur bones were unearthed by White Oak Elementary students during an archeological dig at Simi Valley High School's Nature Center on Friday.