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, archeology
the study of man's past by scientific analysis of the material remains of his cultures


The systematic recovery by scientific methods of material evidence remaining from human life and culture in past ages, through evidence found in the ground, and the detailed study of this evidence. Archeology evidence case study.


(science and technology)
The scientific study of the material remains of the cultures of historical or prehistorical peoples.
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Both she and Ballard spoke of the research as a demonstration that deep-sea archeology is emerging as a new branch of science.
When marine archeology was limited to 200 feet, 95 percent of the sea floor was beyond its reach.
The program focused on the interdisciplinary nature of archeology.
Nelson hoped the 45-minute hands-on lesson would encourage students to learn more about archeology, their culture and history.
The result of the eventual demise of logical positivism and the failure to meld it with archeology as "processual" or "new" archeology drove practitioners away from the debates and back to the digs.
This was manifested in the growing emphasis on taphonomy in Michael Schiffer's Behavioral archeology (1976) and in the inferring of human behaviour from archaeological data being recognized as the major ongoing challenge to archaeology.
of Southampton) explains how the archeology of recent conflict is actually an interdisciplinary field based on established principles of archeology and history, sociology, philosophy, art and representation, and how heritage management practice is affected by the work of this new breed of archeology.
On the margin: women, archeology, and cultural heritage - an Australian case study, in Nelson et al.
Equity issues for women in archeology grew out of a round-table discussion on women's issues organized by Alison Wylie and Diane Gifford-Gonzalez at the American Anthropological Association meetings in 1991.