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(ärkĭl`əkəs), fl. c.700 or c.650 B.C., Greek poet, b. Paros. As an innovator in the use and construction of the personal lyric, his language was intense and often violent. Many fragments of his verse survive.


See H. D. Rankin, Archilochus of Paros (1978).

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Die resultaat is soms ietwat lomp in Afrikaans, soos Archilochos, Fr.
Hipponax van Efese is vergelykbaar met Archilochos in die sin dat hy ook persoonlike aanvalle in sy poesie geloods het, en ook verban is.
Schmid & Stahlin 1961:979: 'Seine Not gibt seinen Versen hier und da etwas von der Kraft dem Witz und der Scharfe des Archilochos.
In Der Geburtstag the identical features of Benn and his alter ego Ronne are noted, but also the parallel to Nietzsche's Archilochos, 'the perfect coalescence in one person of Apollo and Dionysos' (p.
Guy Davenport, whose own translation of Carmina Archilochos: Fragments of Archilochos was a heady inspiration to me in my college days nearly forty years ago, is entitled to his opinion about Jorge Luis Borges and his biographer, Edwin Williamson ["A Form of Incomprehension," Reviews, September].
For example, Archilochos of Paros wrote that after an eclipse of the sun "gloom-filled fear has come upon mankind.
It could be said that Archilochos and Simonides are the opposite ends of a process of artistic, social and politic transformation that began in VII century b.