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(ärkĭl`əkəs), fl. c.700 or c.650 B.C., Greek poet, b. Paros. As an innovator in the use and construction of the personal lyric, his language was intense and often violent. Many fragments of his verse survive.


See H. D. Rankin, Archilochus of Paros (1978).

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Hipponax van Efese is vergelykbaar met Archilochos in die sin dat hy ook persoonlike aanvalle in sy poesie geloods het, en ook verban is.
He has translated Archilochos into modern Greek, and Elytis into English (The Collected Poems of Odysseus Elytis, 1997).
Questions which then (now) arise around the structure of feeling (connected still to the irrational), the traditional site of the lyric (after all, it originates in Sappho and Archilochos, not with the English Romantics), in relation to fears of a feminization or trivialization (marginalization) of poetry, need to be addressed.