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At the beginning of July, the Archimedes screw had produced exactly 13669 kWh of electricity, which is almost enough to run electricity in three average sized homes for a year.
We wanted the Archimedes screw to be a visual feature in the landscape, with people being able to see water turned into light," said Cragside property curator Andrew Sawyer.
Archimedes also used logical thinking to invent the Archimedes screw when he saw the snails on the beach.
Year 10 pupils from Cardinal Newman Catholic Comprehensive in Rhydfelin, Tonyrefail Comprehensive, and Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun, in Hirwaun, were challenged by Welsh Water to produce a shaduf, a chain pump and an Archimedes screw.
Picture if you can (and if you can't, look at the photo) a tall, plastic tower containing an Archimedes screw - a device created by the great inventor when his wife wanted some shelves putting up.
University: Mark Armstrong, University of Sunderland, UK - Archimedes Screw Propelled Vehicle
At Durham City, the Freemans' Reach Archimedes screw turbine and fish pass owned by Legal and General and operated by Durham City Council started running from Christmas Eve.
Work is being carried out on a turbine with an Archimedes screw being installed.
The plant - using an ancient technique for lifting water in reverse called an Archimedes Screw - could have provided power for up to 60 homes.
Sustainable hydropower schemes are ones with a fish-friendly turbine - such as an Archimedes screw - or adequate screening, safe passage for fish where needed, sufficient water flow to maintain the river ecology and design that does not harm flood management or land drainage, the Environment Agency said.
The Archimedes screw was an invention of the second century BC Greek mathematician, engineer and physicist, Archimedes.
For what purpose was the Archimedes screw designed?