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Pertaining to architecture, its features, characteristics, or details; also to materials used to build or ornament a structure such as mosaic, bronze, wood and the like.


1. Pertaining to architecture, its features, characteristics, or details.
2. Pertaining to materials (such as stone, mosaic, or bronze) used to build or ornament a structure.
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At first the rebellious spirit below found vent only in isolated shouts, street-crowd speeches, and newspaper suggestions; then it found much more definite expression in the appearance in the morning sunlight of American flags at point after point above the architectural cliffs of the city.
By such modifications of instincts in themselves not very wonderful,--hardly more wonderful than those which guide a bird to make its nest,--I believe that the hive-bee has acquired, through natural selection, her inimitable architectural powers.
As natural selection acts only by the accumulation of slight modifications of structure or instinct, each profitable to the individual under its conditions of life, it may reasonably be asked, how a long and graduated succession of modified architectural instincts, all tending towards the present perfect plan of construction, could have profited the progenitors of the hive-bee?
The general assemblage of buildings possesses considerable architectural beauty, although none individually can boast of any.
Not that all architectural ornament is to be neglected even in the rudest periods; but let our houses first be lined with beauty, where they come in contact with our lives, like the tenement of the shellfish, and not overlaid with it.
True, there are architects so called in this country, and I have heard of one at least possessed with the idea of making architectural ornaments have a core of truth, a necessity, and hence a beauty, as if it were a revelation to him.
I have seen a snow-drift along the sides of the stone wall which obviously gave the idea of the common architectural scroll to abut a tower.
No one can walk in a road cut through pine woods, without being struck with the architectural appearance of the grove, especially in winter, when the barrenness of all other trees shows the low arch of the Saxons.
I was saying something old is what I should prefer, something odd and out of the way; something venerable, architectural, and inconvenient.
We went next to the wing on the right, which was built, by way of completing the wonderful architectural jumble at Blackwater Park, in the time of George the Second.
A young moon threw a bashful light on a plain like a monstrous waste ground: the architectural mass of a Buddhist tem ple far away projected itself in dead black on the sky.
From the sorrow of a Hottentot to that of a woman in large buckram sleeves, with several bracelets on each arm, an architectural bonnet, and delicate ribbon strings, what a long series of gradations

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