Architectural engineering

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architectural engineering

[¦är·kə¦tek·chər·əl ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
The branch of engineering dealing primarily with building materials and components and with the design of structural systems for buildings, in contrast to heavy construction such as bridges.

Architectural engineering

The art and science of engineering functions that relate to buildings or structures.

Architectural engineering

A discipline that deals with the technological aspects of buildings, including the properties and behavior of building materials and components, foundation design, structural analysis and design, environmental system analysis and design, construction management, and building operation. Environmental systems, which may account for 45–70% of a building's cost, include heating, ventilating and air conditioning, illumination, building power systems, plumbing and piping, storm drainage, building communications, acoustics, vertical and horizontal transportation, fire protection, alternate energy sources, heat recovery, and energy conservation. In addition, to help protect the public from unnecessary risk, architectural engineers must be familiar with the various building codes, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical codes, and the Life Safety Code. The latter code is similar to a building code and is designed to require planning and construction techniques in buildings which will minimize possible hazards to the occupants. See Fire technology

Architectural engineering differs from other engineering disciplines in two important aspects. Most engineers work with other engineers, while most architectural engineers work or consult with architects. Furthermore, an architectural engineer not only must be fully qualified in engineering, but must also be thoroughly versed in all architectural considerations involved in design and construction. An architectural engineer designing a structural or environmental system is expected to be familiar not only with that system, but also with the multitude of architectural considerations which may affect its design, installation, and operation. See Buildings, Engineering

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Founded in 1910, the Architectural Engineering Department at Penn State University has established a tradition of excellence and educational innovation and is widely acknowledged as one of the top Architectural Engineering programs in the world.
We believe our acquisition of ConnGame will enable CAE to not only continue to take greater advantage of our core architectural engineering and design market but also China's large and rapidly growing online game market.
March 11 & 12--The Ornamental Metal Institute of New York in conjunction with the Architectural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers is sponsoring a conference where leading practitioners will share their experience and insights about modern curtainwall systems, specifically with regard to their design, engineering, fabrication, installation and testing.
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It is with regret to announce that Xin Yue Jasmine Geffner, CFO, has decided to leave CAE for personal reasons but wish her success in her future endeavors," said Ken Luo, Chairman and CEO of China Architectural Engineering.
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China Architectural Engineering has experienced a strong and consistent growth since our founding in 1992," said Ken Yi Luo, Chairman and CEO of China Architectural Engineering.

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