Architectural style

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Architectural style

The overall appearance of the architecture of a building, including its construction, form, and ornamentation; may be a unique individual expression or part of a broad cultural pattern.

architectural style

A classification characterizing buildings that share many common attributes, including similarity in general appearance, in the arrangement of major design elements in ornamentation, in the use of materials, and in form, scale, and structure. Such styles are often related to a particular period of time, geographical region, country of origin, or religious tradition, or to the architecture of an earlier period. Often, a term that includes the word style (such as Santa Fe style) is an architectural mode rather than an architectural style.
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Predominant from 1850 to 1890, the National Folk Style architectural genre is identified by its graceful and simplistic make.
SEATTLE -- That 50s style "rambler" is hot property these days to many people in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in living a Modern lifestyle and are searching for a home with open interior spaces, sleek lines, and natural light that defines the architectural genre.
Corporate buildings are usually associated with Modernist or High-Tech architectural genres because form must convey seamless corporate success.

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