Cast stone

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cast stone

[′kast ‚stōn]
Building stone molded from concrete so that it resembles natural stone.

Cast stone

A mixture of fine stone chips and Portland cement in a matrix. Once cast, it may be ground, polished or otherwise treated to simulate natural stone.

artificial stone

A mixture of stone chips or fragments, usually embedded in a matrix of mortar, cement, or plaster; the surface may be ground, polished, molded, or otherwise treated to simulate stone; variously called art marble, artificial marble, cast stone, marezzo, patent stone, and reconstructed stone.
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Architectural Stone LLC has been fabricating cast stone and Indiana limestone since 1999 and today is one of the leading manufacturers of architectural stone and roof paving slabs in the greater New York area.
He confirmed that it is probably an architectural stone from the 19th Century.
The Statue of Wisdom has been created by Tom Waugh, a sculptor and architectural stone carver based in Somerset.
Eldorado's distinctive process of molding and handcrafting captures all the nuances of real stone as well as natural color palettes, creating the "Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World.
The band entered into an agreement last year, currently being renegotiated, with Architectural Stone, a well-established stone company headquartered in the Sudbury area.
A few walls received stucco decoration painted to imitate architectural stone work (color figs.
He said: "I could tell that it was a good architectural stone, but I was unprepared for what we found on the underside.
By joining hands, Laro now offers architectural stone and tile maintenance, restoration, and installation for both interiors and exteriors.
The backdrops, whether of five architectural stone arches in the first scene or an Italian garden with topiary boxwood hedges in the second, are evocative of the period.
Ontario presently has about 30 stone companies which produce rough to finished products such as architectural stone, polished tile, curbstone, monuments and hedgerock.
With years of marketing experience in the building industry and as a VP at Eldorado Stone, Spann offers great insight into the growing popularity and use of manufactured stone, or architectural stone and brick veneers in both commercial and residential applications.

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