Arctic North Slope

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Arctic North Slope


Arctic Slope,

Alaska: see Alaska North SlopeAlaska North Slope
or Arctic North Slope,
region, N Alaska, sloping from the Brooks Range N to the Arctic Ocean. In 1968 large petroleum reserves were found in the Prudhoe Bay area.
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Land of extremes; a natural history of the Arctic North Slope of Alaska.
The collaborative work of Professor Alex Huryn (Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama--Tuscaloosa) and academician John Hobbie (Senior Scholar at the Ecosystems Center, marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts), "Land of Extremes: A Natural History of the Arctic North Slope of Alaska" is a 356 page compendium covering the geological history, flora, and fauna of this arctic region from the Pleistocene era through the mid-twentieth century.
The Arctic North Slope producers do not own the gas, Alaskans do.
On the Alaskan arctic North Slope, PGS is re-deploying two highly sophisticated "soft footprint" seismic crews to acquire both proprietary 3D and multi-client 2D seismic data.
Development in several marginal oil fields on the Arctic North Slope and the development of several modules associated with these fields have helped reverse a decline in the oil and gas extraction industry.

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