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But Arctic Summer is not just about the mysteries of the creative process.
According to Prof Jones: "An obvious conclusion is that this year's Arctic summer has terminally undermined the position of the [climate change] 'denialists' and alerts all sensible, pragmatic people to global warming and the need for much more urgent action to combat the threats posed.
Scientists say climate change is already visible in sea-level rise, loss of alpine glaciers and snow cover, shrinking Arctic summer sea ice, thawing permafrost, poleward migration of animals and plants and an increase in intense tropical cyclone activity in the North Atlantic.
Dear EarthTalk: I heard that the Arctic summer sea ice is at its lowest level since we began recording it.
In addition to making the few routes near shore navigable for a greater duration of the short Arctic summer, new sea lanes are opening.
Atop the meter-thick ice, pools of sky-blue meltwater were accumulating as the Arctic summer progressed.
Horse Divine Intavention Wins Ten (seven points, three hunter chases) Owner Hugh Wilson, in partnership with Brian D'Arcy Clark and Rosemary Fetherston-Dilke Age 25 Previous horses Arbour Hill, Smugglers' Run, James Pine, Arctic Summer Best moment "James Pine winning the Colin Nash at Cheltenham [in 2008].
Failed and finished breeders return from the narrow window of the Arctic summer to feed and recoup further south.
Arctic summer sea ice has increased by over 26% since 2007.
In the Arctic summer, nearly three million square miles of sea ice rapidly begin to melt.