Teddy Bear

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What does it mean when you dream about a teddy bear?

A teddy bear was part of many people’s childhood experience, so in a dream it could simply be a symbol of some aspect of one’s childhood. A teddy bear can also represent comfort and unconditional love, or even a childish relationship. (See also Bear).

teddy bear

cuddly commodity named after President Theodore Roosevelt. [Am. Hist.: Frank, 46]
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Readers needn't be Arctophiles to enjoy the narrative (quoted on its dustjacket are two who read it twice).
The Cannon Park Shopping Centre is staging a special teddy bear event next Saturday which is sure to attract arctophiles - those interested in teddy bears - from across the city.
And the hundreds of friends who will be there to see them and 21 others of their kind in a unique exhibit are known as arctophiles -- teddy bear "nuts.
The real big spenders in the antique toy world are arctophiles - teddy lovers.
Plush was purchased by arctophiles returning from Teddy Bear Conventions anxious to collect limited editions and by unemployed single parents shopping for bargains at discount stores.
They are mostly modern and many are hand-made, one-off, limited edition bears highly prized by arctophiles - as Teddy bear collectors are called.