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Ardra (moist or perspiring) is one of the Nakshatras (lunar mansions) of Vedic astrology. Rudra, the god of storms, presides over this sign, symbolized by either a teardrop or drop of sweat. Ardra lies between Gemini 6°40’ and 20° and is ruled by the planet Rahu. This is considered a good time to do difficult physical work, and people may find themselves having a better memory and better skilled at manual labor, while also a bit more arrogant or reckless with their moon in this Nakshatra.

—Pramela Thiagesan

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Outre la << disparition >> de l'anecdote des naissances gemellaires, on constatera donc qu'il n'y a plus en Ardra ni variole, ni chemins, que rien n'est dit du caractere des habitants ou de leurs croyances.
Stringent or a powerful tool is required to identification and characterization of native diazotrophs their for the present investigation is design to employ ARDRA, A powerful molecular tool to identify and characterized native diazotrophs and its similarity with different reference strains bearing biological nitrogen fixer potently.
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We're using the context of the 'City of Bridges' and its confluence of rivers to epitomize how excitement, energy and change happen at the confluence of art and technology," says Ardra Zinkon, IES Conference Steering Committee chairperson.
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Libraries are changing to accommodate the needs of their patrons," says Ardra Paige Zinkon of Tec Studio, who will discuss how the lighting of one library in Cleveland addressed this challenge in her seminar entitled, "Form Follows Function: How Changing Library Practices Are Echoed in Design Choices" (Wednesday, April 24, 10:30 a.
s Ardra Zinkon noted in a "Newsmaker" Q+A in the February issue of LD+A, "I think the best experiences are at that final aiming session, when you show up to the finished job site and you can see that realized design and know that you created something for the people in that space and you have hopefully impacted it for the better.