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An outgrowth of the funiculus in certain seeds that either remains as an appendage or envelops the seed.



(also caruncle), an appendage of a seed. Arils, which are usually succulent and fleshy, attract birds and ants that distribute the seeds. Some types of arils are called arillodes and arilli.

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However, Figovc revealed, "it is important if you only want the juice, that you just strain it," making sure to squeeze the juice out of the aril without bringing the white seed inside with it.
As we relish each aril, I think of the Rosh Hashanah prayer, "In the coming year may we be rich and replete with acts inspired by religion and piety as the pomegranate is rich and replete with seeds.
5 cm long, subtended by 10 persistent, decussate, ovate, keeled scales; arils ovoid or ellipsoid, 1.
Every year, POM Wonderful welcomes the arrival of pomegranate season by announcing a new collection of delicious food and drink recipes that feature the ruby red arils and juice from the Wonderful variety pomegranate.
Bursting with sweet-tart pomegranate juice, Wonderful variety arils also contain vitamins, minerals and polyphenol antioxidants.
Let's face it, extracting the edible arils from a pomegranate can be inconvenient and time-consuming for many fans of the fruit," said Matt Tupper, President of POM Wonderful.
As part of the agreement, Kronos will sell organic and non-organic arils to supermarkets, specialty grocers, club and foodservice customers in the United States under the Perfect Gems(TM) brand name, as well as under private labels for retailers interested in marketing the fruit to consumers.
The company will be featuring its line of fresh pomegranates and prepackaged fresh pomegranates arils sold under the Ruby Fresh brand.
When looking to enjoy the great flavor and health benefits of pomegranate without all of the fuss, Freeze-dried Pomegranate Arils from Van Drunen Farms (VDF) are the perfect solution.
These arils (containing juice and a tiny crunchy seed) - the edible part of the fruit - burst with tangy sweet flavor.
Because rhizomes can easily rot, however, arils are considered temperamental.
Iced Fruit Refreshers-Slice a fresh pear, apple, or pomegranate arils, and freeze with water in ice cube trays.