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(invertebrate zoology)
The bristlelike or hairlike structure in many organisms, especially at or near the tip of the antenna of many Diptera.



in plants, the thin, pointed, sometimes thorny or feathery process on the apex or back of an inferior flowering glume or, less frequently, of the glume of many cereals. An arista may be straight, bent, or spirally twisted (in Stipa and Avena). It plays an important role in the dissemination of cereal grains by the wind or animals.

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com), the largest and fastest-growing interactive streaming music community, has signed an agreement with Arista Records (www.
Arista is committed to using new and emerging technologies to continually reach a broader audience for our artists," said Rob Schneck, Director of New Media and Business Development for Arista Records.
Through this relationship with Arista Records, Echo continues its commitment to delivering the best available music to its members," said Dan Hart, CEO and co-founder of Echo Networks.
Arista Records was acquired by Bertelsmann in 1979 and is one of BMG's core record labels.
BMG Entertainment, the worldwide music entertainment division of Bertelsmann AG, announced today a comprehensive, multi-tier promotion with partners American Airlines, Arista Records and Ann Taylor to support breast cancer research and education during Breast Cancer Awareness month.
The enhanced CD will feature links to Web sites for American Airlines, AAdvantage, AA Vacations, Arista Records and BMG Entertainment's click2music.
Arista Records recording artist Kenny G will perform songs from his forthcoming record.
Neither Sarah McLachlan nor Arista Records were ever approached for the usage of her music or image within the video being released.