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(invertebrate zoology)
The bristlelike or hairlike structure in many organisms, especially at or near the tip of the antenna of many Diptera.



in plants, the thin, pointed, sometimes thorny or feathery process on the apex or back of an inferior flowering glume or, less frequently, of the glume of many cereals. An arista may be straight, bent, or spirally twisted (in Stipa and Avena). It plays an important role in the dissemination of cereal grains by the wind or animals.

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Arista Records president and founder Clive Davis first signed Santana to Columbia Records in 1968, shortly after the guitarist's legendary Fillmore West performance in San Francisco.
In 1983, after RCA acquired Arista Records, the company requested that Ron head up the label's operations as Vice President, Finance and Administration, and CFO, Ron took a leave of absence from RCA from 1987-1991 to join EMI Music as Vice President, Finance/General Manager.
No additional releases on BMG's other labels - which include Arista Records, RCA Records and The Windham Hill Group, among others - have been announced.
The RCA Music Group which includes J Records, RCA Records, and Arista Records is a unit of Sony BMG, .
Fehr held several positions in the field of video serving in leading roles at companies such as Capitol Records - Thorne EMI, Arista Records, reporting directly to Clive Davis, and Swiss Bank Corporation.