Soviet Armenian film studio; located in Yerevan.

The organization Goskino (State Film) and the company Gosfotokino (State Photo Film) were established in 1923 within the Glavpolitprosvet (Chief Political Education Committee) system of the Narkomat (People’s Commissariat) of Education of Armenia; it was called a film factory until 1928, when it was renamed the Armenkino Film Studio; in 1938 it was named the Yerevan Film Studio, and in 1957 it became Armenfil’m. In 1966, A. Bek-Nazarian’s (Bek-Nazarov) name was added to the studio’s name. In 1959 the Armenfil’m newsreel department became an independent film studio, the Yerevan Studio for Newsreel, Documentary, and Popular Science Films.