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see Arminius, JacobusArminius, Jacobus
, 1560–1609, Dutch Reformed theologian, whose original name was Jacob Harmensen. He studied at Leiden, Marburg, Geneva, and Basel and in 1588 became a pastor at Amsterdam.
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an interpretive set of assumptions about human nature, existential beliefs about meaning in life and the cosmos, beliefs about society and institutions, and core values; Koltko-Rivera, 2004) more deterministic than Arminianism, which retains a stronger place for human freedom.
Such strong Calvinistic words as "predestination", "election" and "effectual calling", however, have altogether vanished in the Twelve Articles, which stress rather a universalistic and voluntaristic Arminianism in article IX: "He [God] maketh a full and free offer of salvation to all men, .
Pietism was to Baumgarten what Arminianism was to Warburton and Vernet, but Sorkin also traces the influence of Dutch Collegialism and English moderatism on Baumgarten's defense of "the true middle way"--a way that included appeals to natural law, natural religion, and revelation and scripture.
Not until 1785, after a bruising political battle, did the Second Parish finally break free and hire a minister, Aaron Bancroft, a believer in Arminianism and stoutly opposed to the Calvinist doctrine of predestination.
However, I must take issue with his definition of Arminianism as "a more high-church style that smacked of Catholic ceremony with it's preference for liturgy over preaching.
Southern Protestants debated numerous issues: Arminianism vs.
Grayling, a professor of philosophy himself, is admirably clear on everything from alchemy to Arminianism.
In chapter 9, he examines Arminianism and Universalism and their influences upon Smith's vision of the Fall, original sin, and baptism.
Yet, when it became necessary to take a firm stand against Arminianism, Como argues, the godly were likely to invoke antinomian themes.
Jonathan Edwards believed his revival work to be a corrective to Arminianism, which he regarded as doctrinal error.
All of life was spiritual warfare, and Edwards was especially concerned to wage war against Arminianism.
41) In another context, Calvinism reappears, when one convict constable at Macquarie Harbour parted from the Methodist class meeting because his Calvinist notion of irresistible grace clashed with the Arminianism of the Methodists.