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see harmonicaharmonica.
1 The simplest of the musical instruments employing free reeds, known also as the mouth organ or French harp. It was probably invented in 1829 by Friedrich Buschmann of Berlin, who called his instrument the Mundäoline.
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The Winter Festival also features an array of music to suit all ages, from Armonico Consort and Bach's Christmas Oratorio to a sophisticated evening of timeless jazz with Frank & Ella, an entertaining tribute to Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald by two of Britain's leading jazz vocalists.
RACHMANINOV VESPERS Armonico Consort at St Mary's Church, Warwick A CHURCH, a summer evening, 27 singers dressed all in black, and a single piece of music: sometimes there's a special magic in doing things simply.
Armonico Consort (October 20) return with a pair of Baroque masterpieces including Purcell's great opera to hopeless love Dido and Aeneas.
The singer is working with Midland charity Armonico Consort to provide music education for up to 500,000 children in the next five years.
Contract award: providing a performance concert for the 10th paschalia festival mysteries part 1 ensuring the concert by the band il giardino armonico part 2 ensuring the concert by bands hesperion xxi and la capella reial de catalunya part 3 ensuring the concert by the band la venexiana part 4 ensuring the concert by the band les talens lyriques part 5 ensure the implementation of a concert by the band les musiciens du louvre-grenoble.
The spirited Il Giardino Armonico, conducted by Giovanni An-tonini, provides vivid, taught accompaniments.
Palzewicz was joined by Peter Sulski and guest artist, the renowned Mela Tenenbaum, for Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Violins and Cello from his well-known "L'Estro Armonico," RV 565.
Visiting companies include Classical Opera with Mozart's Marriage of Figaro, Armonico Consort Opera with Purcell's King Arthur, Bampton Classical Opera with the Czech composer Benda's singspiel Romeo and Juliet, and Music Theatre Wales with Julie, by Philippe Boesmans, a new version of the Strindberg Midsummer Night story.
And there was plenty to go round, with the five Vivaldi L'estro armonico concertos calling for one, two or four violins front of stage; the other strings grouped around the harpsichord, as for the standard Baroque concerto grosso.
Northern Sinfonia leader Bradley Creswick will have his work cut out for him next Thursday at The Sage when he directs the orchestra, and plays the violin, in no fewer than five concertos from Vivaldi's L'estro armonico set.
19 Jan: Classical Concert--Il Giardino Armonico at Fondation Pierre Gianadda, Rue du For
Eventually, a hybrid of the two instruments, the seven-string armonico, became Segundo's trademark.