Army Group

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Army Group


(German, Heeresgruppe), the highest operational-strategic unit of the ground forces in a theater of military action in the armed forces of some foreign states; it corresponds to the Soviet concept of the front.

The army group as a form of amalgamation of ground forces and as a level of control over them appeared at the end of 1914 and beginning of 1915 during World War I in the Anglo-French and German armies. During World War II (1939–45), the fascist German ground forces were consolidated into several army groups (there were three to four on the Soviet-German front), each of which included two to four field armies and reinforcements. After 1942 the fascist German army also had Armeegruppe, which were temporary amalgamations usually consisting of two armies which performed missions in a certain operational sector. The Anglo-American forces in the Western European theater of military operations during 1944—45 were joined into three army groups.

In the postwar period army groups in the US armed forces and in the NATO unified armed forces have included field armies, detached army corps, and other large units of the ground forces. The army group usually cooperates with a consolidated tactical air command or with a tactical air command.

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General Bradley, commander of the Twelfth Army Group, had also decided that the honor of liberating Paris should be accorded to a French unit, thus General Leclerc's Second Armored Division was tapped to enter Paris.
234) Participants were directed to prepare operational drafts by themselves, without the assistance of other army group commanders.
The army group advancing west across the Meuse River would ensnare these forces in one huge pocket.
It was not until 0730 on May 4, 1945, that General Omar Bradley, commander of the 12th Army Group which included the 3rd Army, gave General Patton the green light to attack Czechoslovakia.
On Leyte, and then Luzon, the organization and deployment of the army more approximated what had been going on in the Atlantic theaters, except there was never the need for an Army group over two or more armies.
The Adrian's Army group on social networking site Facebook has also received more than 200 messages in tribute.
On May 3, a motorcade of German top brass arrived at Monty's 21st Army Group HQ on the heath, where Bill and comrades awaited developments.
TGER 2 and the deployment to Iraq are funded by the Rapid Equipping Force, an Army group responsible for distributing technology to the warfighter as quickly as possible.
Joining others in the 'Campaign' series, it surveys the mission of the Army Group South to seize the Crimea to prevent Soviet air attacks on the Polesti oilfields in Romania.
Robert Kirchubel's OPERATION BARBAROSSA 1941 (3): ARMY GROUP CENTER (9781846031076, $18.
Fusako Shigenobu, the convicted founder of the leftist Japanese Red Army group, may be suffering from a parotid tumor but is being barred from receiving proper medical treatment in detention, her daughter and lawyer said Wednesday.
We're looking forward to working with the America's Army group in the future," said Matulac.

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