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Temporary or permanent housing erected for soldiers or groups of workers.



a building with residential, service, and training premises for the permanent quartering of the personnel of military units. The first known specialized structures for the quartering of troops were in ancient Rome and Carthage. Barracks were built in Spain from the 16th century and in France from the 17th century. The first barracks in Russia were built in 1741 in St. Petersburg, for the quartering of the Semenovskii, Preobrazhen-skii, Izmailovskii, and Cavalry Guards Regiments.

In the Soviet armed forces, in accordance with the InteriorService Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1960), each barrack must have special premises for the quartering ofeach company.


Permanent or temporary housing for soldiers or, less often, groups of workmen.
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The Pentre Army Barracks was sold for PS185,000 earlier this month
When I was a schoolboy that was all part of the army barracks.
The second-in-line to the throne arrived at the Holsworthy army barracks early on Wednesday and received a briefing from the officers.
The solider, who has been arrested by military police, had been posted at an army barracks on the Green Line in Ayios Andreas in Nicosia when he decided to cross the buffer zone and enter the occupied areas to steal the flag, a bullet proof vest and a helmet.
DEFENCE Minister Willie O'Dea has been asked to give a former army barracks to the Department of Education for use as a Third Level college.
The Deepcut army barracks where four young army recruits died is to be sold off, the Armed Forces Minister confirmed yesterday.
Ambassador to Nepal James Moriarty, saying his visit to army barracks as well as his political statements violate diplomatic norms.
The company began life as artists in residence in a converted World War II army barracks on the campus of The University of Utah.
ABOUT 200 jobs will be created if supermarket giant Tesco builds a store on the site of former army barracks in Liverpool.
The hippie haven, launched in 1971 when an Army barracks became vacant, is something of a social experiment in self-government.
Photographs allegedly showing British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners were faked in a UK Territorial Army barracks, it was claimed today.

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