Arnold Wesker

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Arnold Wesker
BirthplaceStepney, London

Wesker, Arnold,

1932–, English playwright, b. London. At various times he has been a carpenter's mate, a seed sorter, and a pastry cook. His plays Chicken Soup with Barley (1958), Roots (1958), and I'm Talking about Jerusalem (1960) form a trilogy about a family of Jewish Communist intellectuals. His socialist point of view is reflected in his other plays, notably The Kitchen (1961), Chips with Everything (1962), and The Four Seasons (1969). His later plays include The Wedding Feast (1974) and The Old Ones (1972), which describes the enforced isolation of the elderly.


See studies by G. Leeming and S. Trussler (1971), R. Hayman (1973), and G. Leeming (1982).

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In this essay Churchill attacks the new wave of Royal Court realistic drama by male dramatists such as John Osborne, Harold Pinter, and Arnold Wesker and calls instead, in Luckhurst's words, "for a utopian quest to explore socialist agendas in ways that provoke change" (12), using "experimental" forms and language, such as "juxtapositions of song, prose and poetry, a spectrum of emotional moods and the cumulative effects of powerful stage pictures" (13).
ARNOLD Wesker doesn't like his play Roots to be referred to as a kitchen-sink drama - but that room will be taking centre stage in a new production in Mold, says director Kate Wasserberg.
I have experimented with and dared most things in the sexual arena" - Playwright Sir Arnold Wesker, 79.
Jocelyn Herbert (1917-2003) was a key influence on British theatre design, known particularly for her groundbreaking work at the Royal Court Theatre from the late 1950s onwards, where she worked on world premieres of scripts by Samuel Beckett, John Osborne, Arnold Wesker and David Storey, defining the look of plays that were to becoming twentieth-century classics.
Active engagement in the theatre led him to criticize a younger generation of British playwrights, the "Angry Young Men" or "Kitchen Sink" leftists that included John Osborne and Arnold Wesker, with whom he nevertheless eventually developed a friendly association.
Among the other stars who'll be visiting are Benjamin Zephaniah, Julian Barnes, Arnold Wesker, Andrew Davies and the painter Peter Blake.
For me it was a form of resistance to be involved in something that was considered out of one's scope--as were Genet, Pinter, Arnold Wesker, and Brecht among others.
BARBARA squeezed the job in around her hectic EastEnders schedule and her first-ever radio play, Groupie, by Arnold Wesker, broadcast on Radio 4 last month alongside Timothy West.
THE author of the play Chips With Everything was Arnold Wesker, not Weaker (Page 47, Thursday April 12).
It was called Buster, a short novel, and was in the vein of the "angry young man" vogue of the day, which included the work of John Osborne, Arnold Wesker, John Braine, etc.
Bernard Kops: Fantasist, London Jew, Apocalyptic Humorist should be placed beside other recent works on British Jewish dramatists like Arnold Wesker, or perhaps Harold Pinter and Tom Stoppard, as an influential analysis of one of twentieth-century Britain's most prolific, influential, and outspoken artists.
An Associate of Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Owen was seen in Mold as Macbeth, Adam in The Four Seasons by Arnold Wesker and Burghley in Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller, a new version by Mike Poulton.