Aromatic Plants

Plants, Aromatic


plants that produce and exude aromatic substances (largely ether oils), which are used in making perfumes, in cooking, and in the food, pharmaceutical, and liquor industries. Many aromatic plants are species of the Lauraceae, Umbelliferae, Myrtaceae, and Labiatae families. In the USSR roses, geraniums, laurel, lavender, and rosemary are among the plants used in industry.

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The air was spicily and sweetly heavy with the scents of wild aromatic plants and gorgeous tropic blooms.
Summary: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)[India]Mar 10(ANI): In an effort to boost the cultivation of the aromatic plants like lavender, rosemary and lemon grass and medicinal plants like ashwagandha and satavar, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi launched 'The Aroma Mission'.
Medicinal and aromatic plants, like crop plants, are also afflicted by arthropod pests including aphids (Gupta, 1991; Abdel-Moniem and Abd El-Wahab, 2006; Bhagat, 2012).
Habib has welcomed all possible support that can be offered by the KEDA with regard to industries based on medical and aromatic plants and modern technology, the statement read.
The projects are part of Morocco's Green Plan and aim to promote local sustainable development by boosting agricultural activity and production, including that of date palms, olive trees, almond trees, aromatic plants, malus, saffron, henna, figs, red meat, and beekeeping, added the Morocco World News report.
2001) and induced volatiles from aromatic plants that are highly repellent to the beetles Serica orientalis Motschulsky, Maladera verticalis (Fairmaire), and Anomala corpulenta Motschulsky (all Coleoptera: Scara-baeidae) (Tang et al.
A study on medicinal and aromatic plants led to a new chapter in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Forest Act of 2011 that regulates collection and harvesting of medicinal and aromatic plants without harming the ecosystem.
He also visited HRH Princess Sabeeka Aromatic Plants Garden, and the medicinal herbs garden established by the company for the preservation of the rare medicinal herbs had been used for therapeutic purposes.
However, some obstacles stand in the way of exporting and marketing aromatic and medicinal plants, such as the instability in quantities produced for exports, and the sharp competition from other countries in the export markets of medicinal and aromatic plants [3].
Meanwhile, the workshop reviewed five scientific papers on the current situation of traditional medicine, the economic effect of the medicinal and aromatic plants, training of herbalists, methodology and regulations of integrated alternative medicine.
The Centre has set up the National Medicinal Plants Board ( NMPB) under the Ministry of AYUSH for overall development of the medicinal plants sector, including conservation, cultivation, processing and storage of medicinal and aromatic plants for promoting the availability of herbal raw materials.
Khatib added that he has a passion for studying medical and aromatic plants, particularly those types which grow in Syria and could be used in treating a variety of diseases and physical conditions, referring to obesity, the theme of his scientific research for which he won the golden medal.