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Until now, we had always assumed that arrhythmias were mainly due to damage and death of heart cells.
Utilizing a genetically modified mouse model they were able to manipulate the sensor and completely prevented calcium-triggered arrhythmias.
On World Heart Rhythm Week, Arrhythmia Alliance Launches 'Know Your Pulse' Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Importance of Pulse Checking to Keep Cardiac Conditions Under Control
Over the past several years there has been a great deal of progress in catheter ablation of atrial arrhythmias, with less focus on ventricular arrhythmias, which is a smaller group of patients," Dr.
First Minister Rhodri Morgan will today return to the unit where he had a life-saving operation earlier this year, to announce the funding boost for arrhythmia patients and services.
Mrs Thompson had been diagnosed but often people with arrhythmia would show no symptoms until they died suddenly, she said.
Arrhythmia has branched out and grown in the past couple of years, adding both new real estate and acquiring other companies.
In this case, the artifact has the appearance of an arrhythmia.
They sometimes mistake mild arrhythmia, or rhythm disruption, for a deadly spasm and shock the heart unnecessarily, causing pain but no permanent harm.
A shortage of specialists has meant that procedures and technologies considered routine in other Western countries for the effective treatment of arrhythmias have been far too under-used.
In the remaining patients, the aforementioned arrhythmia detection is the central issue(1).
Arrhythmias can lie dormant with occasional flare-ups, or produce regular occurrences.