arrow slit

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arrow loop, loophole

arrow loop
A vertical slit for archers in medieval fortification walls, with jambs deeply splayed toward the interior.
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The former East Tower with arrow slits has been converted to a dovecote by adding an internal lining and creating nesting boxes.
Features inside the property include: large oak beams, an impressive fourposter bedroom, stone flagged floors, a minstrels' gallery in the kitchen, a cellar with arrow slits, a balcony, studded and linenfold solid oak internal doors and large inglenook fireplaces.
Arrow slits can still be seen, and there probably would have been murder holes through which guards could fend off their attackers with boiling water.
This property is so old that some of the windows are arrow slits.
Set in a vast forest, the heavily restored moated castle, with arrow slits and holes for pouring some nasty liquid onto attackers, was a former hunting lodge of the Duke of Brittany and was home to the exiled Henry Tudor during the War of the Roses.
Signs of its expansion from a Lusignan fortress to a Venetian one are evident; arrow slits in walls seen from the inner parts of the complex look out onto the Venetian fortification.
The sandstone viaduct was built in the "baronial" style, with a castellated parapet and false arrow slits to complement the architecture of nearby Kielder Castle.
One wall of the hexagonal complex has narrow arrow slits and the local residents still call the ruins of Baalbek "the castle.
A UNESCO Heritage site, the cit is a remarkable defensive structure with barbican, dry moat, outer and inner walls, inaccessible watch-towers, posterns, loopholes and arrow slits.
However, take one step through the imposing stone frontage, completewith flagtopped turrets and massive arrow slits, and you feel you are being transported back through history.