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Ars Nova


humanistic current in French and Italian music of the 14th century. In ars nova, secular vocal and instrumental music was elevated for the first time to a high professional level; there was movement toward the music of everyday life; and the major mode, which was prevalent in folklore, became established. Melodies and musical themes acquired refinement and clarity. It was first established theoretically in 1309 by the Italian investigator Marchettus of Padua, and in the 1320’s by the French humanist Philippe de Vitry, who contrasted the new art to medieval religious polyphony in the treatise Ars nova. The humanist theoretician#nd Parisian master Johannes de Muris (Jean de Murs) also sided with ars nova. In Italy, ars nova arose in the north (Florence, Bologna, Perugia, and other cities). The leading composers were Francesco Landini, Gherardello, and Giovanni da Firenze. They wrote madrigals, ballads, and caccias. The most notable composer of French ars nova, and at the same time the last great trouvère of the late Middle Ages, was Guillaume de Machaut.


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CLASSICALLISTINGS TOMORROW Eric Whitacre and Simon Halsey, hosts, Cantamus and Ars Nova choirs, National Youth Choir of Great Britain, conductors Pamela Cook, Mike Brewer, Eric Whitacre, Katalin Kiss - Association of British Choral Directors Gala Concert: Birmingham Town Hall, 7.
Most of the other manuscripts in LIM's Ars nova series run from about thirty-five to one hundred pages.
Nadas (/music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/) and Cuthbert (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have done a great service to musicologists by bringing together twenty-seven articles on various aspects of the ars nova music of the fourteenth century, particularly in France and Italy.
In what amounts to a complete sweep of Scandinavia, Sweden's Ars Nova Ensemble, Denmark's Athelas Sinfonietta and Norway's BIT20 are all performing today in events which form part of Integra 2008, a kind of festival-within-a-festival which is part of a three-year European-funded project to promote electro-acoustic music, masterminded by Birmingham Conservatoire's resident electronic composer, Lamberto Coccioli.
Giovanni Boccaccio's time-honored work Decameron provides the primary literary account (Testi 228) of the drastically altered attitude regarding the role and influence of music, which occurred in response to the Ars Nova movement.
she is a founding member of ensemble Project Ars Nova.
The book is divided into four main sections, the first tracing the earliest stirrings of Netherlandish ars nova in Florentine art between 1420 and 1450.
As well as The Doors and Love, Judy Collins and Tom Paxton, Bread and MC5, Carly Simon and Iggy Stooge, it features bands such as Rhinoceros, Clear Light, Earth Opera, Ars Nova and The Holy Modal Rounders who won't mean much to most of you but rekindle wonderful memories for those of us of a certain age.
Tartaglia and Rod have appeared on Hollywood Squares and in a solo spotlight for the actor at the Ars Nova Broadway Spotlight series.
Farida Fotouhi and Jorge Alonso, co-founders of Reality2; -- Rick Colby, President/Executive Creative Director of Colby & Partners; -- Elizabeth Cherry, The Ad Age Group/LA; -- Robbie Conal, ART ATTACK; -- Ralph Lee, founder of Ars Nova and former Ad exec with Saachi & Saachi Worldwide, Foote Cone & Belding/NY & L.
The present disc makes such connections explicit by placing a three-movement a cappella work by the young composer Tarik O'Regan (1978-) next to Guillaume de Machaut's Messe de Nostre Dame, the earliest known complete Mass setting and an iconic work of the Ars Nova period.
She was member for many years of Ensembles Alcatraz, Project Ars Nova and Medieval Strings.