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An installation whose primary mission is research, development, and manufacture pertaining to assigned items or components.
An installation having coequal missions of maintenance and supply for assigned items or components.



a military establishment designed to receive, store, register, and distribute armament and ammunition to troops, to assemble and repair them, and to manufacture certain of their component parts.

Up to the end of the 19th century most of the arsenals of all countries were occupied with the mass production of many kinds of armament and ammunition for the land and naval forces. Arsenal plants had on their premises storehouses of weapons and armaments. The most important arsenals in Russia were the St. Petersburg arsenal known as the Foundry and Cannon Yard, the Kiev and Briansk arsenals, and the Sevastopol’ and Kronstadt naval arsenals; in Germany, the Munich arsenal; in France, the Lyon arsenal; in England, the Woolwich arsenal; in the USA, the Frankfort and Springfield arsenals and others. In the 20th century the growth of arms production into a basic independent industry necessitated a separation between the point of manufacture and the point of storage of weapons and ammunition. Because of this, arsenals lost their former significance and now serve only as bases or storehouses for various purposes. In the USSR the term “arsenal” is not used to designate a military establishment.


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The Encyclopedic Palace was structured around objects exhibited in very traditional ways and came across very much like a temporary museum--especially in the seventeenth-century Arsenale.
My favourite afternoon in Venice was spent getting lost in the Castello and Arsenale districts.
Todel derybininkas turi tureti savo arsenale priemoniu, kurios neleistu konfliktui isiliepsnoti, o jam ivykus moketi iseiti is tokios situacijos, isspresti konflikta, orientuojantis i ilgalaikius santykius su derybu partneriu (Cherulnik et al.
iPad 2 vis tiek manes neitikino, kad man reikia tablet--tiesiog nematau tokiam aparatui vietos savo arsenale (Karolis Pocius).
He will soon own the Rialto Bridge, convert the Ponte dei Sospiri into a love nest, tear down and gentrify the entire Giudecca Island, turn the Arsenale into "a vast eighty-acre marina for the world's most luxurious private yachts" (204), and finally make his fondest dream come true: to top the Palazzo Ducale with a penthouse.
Rather than being based at the usual rustic and secluded old brewery on the small island of the Giuedecca, this year the Wales pavilion has moved to the hustle and bustle of Costello, a hop and a skip away from the main biennale location in the Giardini and the heaving Arsenale, also home to several biennale exhibitions.
We thought to ourselves how we enliven the pavilion at the Arsenale.
There are two pieces by Bertozzi & Casoni at the 53rd Biennal 2009, having been invited by Beatrice Buscaroli and Luca Beatrice, inside the new Italian Pavilion at the Arsenale site.
This year, the exhibition hosts works from over 54 countries at famous locations in Venice, including the Giardini Gardens and the Arsenale.
Reflecting an astute architectural judgement, Sejima selected 46 diverse participants for the exhibition, which takes place across two sites: in the Arsenale for the principal part, and in the Giardini, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, alongside the more established national pavilions (see page 92).
First paperback edition 2009 (first published in 2008 by Arsenale Editrice).
Located prominently in Venice's Arsenale, the UAE National Pavilion was the first to have been created by an Arabian Gulf state at the Biennale since the international event began in 1895.