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(inorganic chemistry)
H3 As A colorless, highly poisonous gas with an unpleasant odor.



AsH3, a colorless, odorless gas (impurities usually produce an odor of garlic). Boiling point, —62.4°C; melting point, -113.5°C. Discovered in 1775 by K. W. Scheele. Pure arsine is produced by the action of water on sodium arsenide, Na3As. The reduction of acid-soluble arsenic compounds by hydrogen results in the formation of a mixture of arsine and hydrogen at the moment of liberation—for example:

As2O3 + 6Zn + 6H2SO4 = 2AsH3 + 6ZnSO4 + 3H2O

If the mixture is passed through a glass tube heated to 400°-500°C, the arsine will decompose into hydrogen and arsenic, which forms a black film with a vitreous luster along the cool sections of the tube. The test is used to determine the presence of arsenic in various substances; it was developed in 1836 by the English chemist J. Marsh (1794–1846).

Arsine is one of the most poisonous commercial toxins known. It generally induces acute poisoning. It has a primarily hemolytic effect. The latent period lasts two to eight hours, toward the end of which headache, dizziness, rigor, vomiting, and abdominal pain occur. The skin takes on a sunburned appearance, and body temperature initially rises to 38°-39°C. The patient may go into a coma after a certain period of time. Preventive measures against arsine poisoning include the use of arsenic-free metals and acids, the mechanization of production processes, the sealing of industrial equipment, and the creation of an effective ventilation system.

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In the latter case it may be contaminated with arsenic and phosphorus compounds that result in the generation of arsine and phosphine when the calcium carbide is treated with water to form acetylene.
The lessons learned from the case histories are: 1) the specialty pipeline cleaning chemicals showed high efficacy of treatment, 2) solids removal was more efficient than previous treatments that did not use chemical cleaning chemicals to assist pigging, 3) arsine and hydrogen sulfide gas generation can be controlled using specialty cleaning formulations, and 4) the specialty formulations described here are recommended for use in any offline cleaning application and have particular applicability prior to intelligent pigging campaigns.
This Canadian-made herbal formulation for diabetes patients contains lead and arsine.
However, the exact mechanism responsible for the generation of these reactive species is not yet clear, but some studies proposed the formation of intermediary arsine species (71).
The most common organometallic antimicrobials are arsenic-based materials such as oxybisphenox arsine (OBPA).
ooppm arsine sensor, to detect the dopant gas in semiconductor manufacturing.
si:) C C--the letter C CE cedar, ceanothus, ibices, panacea, circe CEE ceefax, dicees, proceed, seducee CEY ceylonite (a ferruginous variety of spinel from Ceylon) CIE cieling, abcie CY cypres (in Law, means 'as near as practicable') SAO Saorstat eirann (Irish Free State) SEA season, heartsease, Chelsea SEI seiff (old type of eye-wash), casein, disseisee SI sikh, arsine, Farsi SSAE thalassemia, vibrissae SSEE lesseeship, assessee SSI assize (parallel beds of rock agreeing in their organic remains) SY Sylow (P.
Air samples were collected during panel pressing to determine if elemental arsine vapors were given off from the residual arsenic in the remediated particles or flakes.
lt;< Quand on va en Armenie, on se sent oblige de rapporter quelque chose a ceux qui n'ont pas ete >> dira meme Arsine.
Arsine (gas) exposure would mandate supportive care (oxygen and maybe blood transfusions) and heavy fluid intake to dilute and aid in excretion of arsenic (CEHN, 1999; EPA, 1999).
public health labs can test for either arsine or phosgene, though the former can be found in at least 23 states and the latter in at least 11.
Egoyan's wife and regular star Arsine Khanjian plays the art historian enlisted to advise on the portrayal of an artist whose mother's death in the holocaust when he was a young boy inspired his greatest work, and whose son by her first husband --executed as a terrorist - is having an affair with her stepdaughter who believes she killed her father.