Freed, Arthur

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Freed, Arthur (b. Arthur Grossman)

(1894–1973) lyricist, movie producer; born in Charleston, S.C. Beginning in vaudeville (he appeared at times with the Marx Brothers), he started to write songs and in 1929 was hired as a lyricist by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). For the next ten years he wrote the lyrics for numerous films. In 1939 he became a producer and for two decades helped to make MGM the leading studio for musicals, surrounding himself with talented directors like Vincente Minnelli, Busby Berkeley, and Stanley Donen, and shaping the careers of many Hollywood legends including Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. He also continued writing songs, such as "Singing in the Rain." Two of his films won best picture Oscars, An American in Paris (1951) and Gigi (1958).
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Grossman - Dean Arthur Grossman, 72, of Walton, died Aug.
We actually didn't know that this particular pathway for fermentation metabolism existed in the alga until we generated the mutant," said Carnegie's Arthur Grossman.
We are pleased to receive external peer reviewed validation of our progress in developing a commercially viable biopetroleum," said Arthur Grossman, chief of genetics for Solazyme, Senior Scientist at the Carnegie Institution, Courtesy Professor at Stanford University and Darbaker prize recipient.
Arthur Grossman, chief of genetics, has been awarded the Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal for excellence in published research on marine or freshwater algae.
Arthur Grossman to the position of Chief of Genetics of the Company.
Pokotilow and his Stroock colleagues Special Counsel Charles Cantine and Associate Jason Sobel, and Arthur Grossman of Mandelbaum Salsburg represented Richards Manufacturing.