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Malvar (1998) designed a lapped transform to reduce the blocking and ringing artifacts.
American archeologist Oscar White Muscarella, a former curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, says he, too, believes the artifact is a fake.
The artifact is a part of the Nimrod Temple, which is located in Northern Iraq near Mosul, and is around 100 CM high and 40 cm wide.
It is obvious from the ECG in Figure 1 that artifacts can be misinterpreted as ventricular tachycardia.
The measured causation is assumed to be due to "naturally" occurring interactions between people and technological artifact.
At left, this wall relief and many other artifacts will be on display during the free exhibit that opens Saturday at the Lancaster Art Museum.
We here gather the main results of our previous investigations [43, 24, 40], and provide a self-contained description of the role of coordination artifacts in the engineering of MAS environments.
I found the topic abstruse, filled with mind-numbing legal documents and visually stunning artifacts.
In the Dorset, things were in the process of being demolished, but the artifacts were strictly contemporary; on the other hand, the brownstones were mostly abandoned, and though the wrecking ball hadn't come close to them yet, they were really on the verge of oblivion.
We report a rare artifact observed during electronystagmography (ENG) in a 54-year-old-woman.
The certification portfolio consists of a collection of artifacts (7) that defend the teaching qualities described in Standards II, III and IV.
Sharing proprietary technology across the enterprise increases ROI, as those artifacts are used over and over again.