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There many such facilities in the protected zones of almost all natural and artificial lakes.
The projects under construction in the area include a 43-km road, recreation centers and artificial lakes.
Mosquitoes are present whenever rainfall occurs as well as in artificial lakes, and Dr Jubran said that people mistake biting midges for mosquitoes, which is a different kind of species but are also prominent around the creeks and artificial lakes.
The Lakes, a sprawling horizontal development surrounded by artificial lakes and greenery, forms part of Emirates Living, an upper middle-class neighbourhood in New Dubai.
He also visits Lake Mead, one of the largest artificial lakes in the world.
The pilgrimage around the entire river is hampered now by the world's largest water project, which includes 30 large, 135 medium, and more than 3000 small dams, turning the river into a series of artificial lakes.
It is going to be a thrilling event and total 147 golfers drawn in 12 teams will fight it out for glory at a challenging course which has eight artificial lakes to test the technique and skills of the participants, he asserted.