sugar substitute

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sugar substitute:

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substance used as a low-calorie sugar substitute. Saccharin, cyclamates, and aspartame have been the most commonly used artificial sweeteners. Saccharin, a coal-tar derivative three hundred times as sweet as sugar, was discovered in 1879.
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Growth inducing hormones, artificial substitutes and new entrants into the market act as restraints but leading players has been investing in R&D for new breakthroughs, product line expansion and effective production and management techniques.
Although consumers are more savvy about what constitutes a pure juice versus a juice drink, drinks with real juice content are seen as better than sugary artificial substitutes.
In the 1960s and 70s, when there were few specialised Christmas tree farms, artificial substitutes were popular.
Real ice cream is just cream, milk, sugar, egg and flavouring, while this is a list of cheap artificial substitutes that make the product last longer.