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Instructor Training services and operators in the field of health and safety at work for the benefit of the sites defense base Cazaux (33) and the 17th Artillery Group Biscarrosse (40).
Dillard was sent to Bavaria to serve as an Administrative Specialist in the 349th Field Artillery Group.
He was drafted in 1968, serving with the 41st Artillery Group as a chaplain's assistant in South Vietnam's Central Highlands.
Counter Battery Staff Officer--Heavy Artillery Group.
The exercise was held by the Field Artillery Group as part of UNIFIL's quick reaction force with the LAF's 65th Artillery Battalion.
The core of the border covering forces was to be made up by the covering units of ground troops, Air-Defence Artillery Group, Air Force, Navy and Naval Fortresses.
The Spanish Army has four 155/52 APU SBT (V06) howitzers already in service for field artillery and eight APU SBT (V07) howitzers integrated in a Coastal Artillery Group.
The 1st Combined Brigade, based in Naha, has about 1,800 members and consists of the 6th Antiaircraft Artillery Group, the 1st Combined Group and others.
The artillery group was last seen heading towards the enemy's rear, and to the best of my knowledge was never seen again.
Army, 108th Artillery Group, Republic of Vietnam, 1970)
He commanded the 2nd Battalion and 40th Artillery in Vietnam, the 72nd Field Artillery Group in Germany, Assistant Division Commander of the 2nd Infantry, Division in Korea and the famed 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii.
For example, during the IPB (intelligence preparation of the battlefield) process, the division artillery (DIVARTY) S2, in conjunction with the division G2, determines that a certain area contains an enemy division artillery group (DAG).

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