Artillery Park

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Artillery Park


(1) A place where the matériel portion of artillery of a military unit is stored in an established order to ensure combat readiness and provide optimal maintenance and convenience of utilization. A distinction is made between permanent artillery parks—that is, artillery storage in garrison or on an encampment—and field artillery parks, which are designated for artillery storage in field situations.

(2) A subunit which fulfills the functions of supplying and storing ammunition. At the present time such subunits do not exist in Soviet artillery.

(3) The totality of the matériel portion of artillery and means of traction of a military unit.

(4) In the prerevolutionary Russian Army, a military (artillery) service unit designated to provide artillery with ammunition and organizational maintenance of the matériel portion of a command’s responsibility both in peacetime and war. These artillery parks were divided into field (light, mountain, infantry mortar, and heavy) artillery parks with vehicle stock, which enabled them to move with the troops, and local artillery parks, which did not have vehicle stock.

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At the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, the author makes the rather grand assumption that victory would have gone to Napoleon if his riders had been carrying nails to spike the enemy guns after the English artillery park had been overrun.
They also reconstructed the overlook deck, located near Artillery Park, using recyclable lumbers, and repaired roofs on replica soldier huts and the spring house at Washington's Headquarters.
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