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Men like angular flowers with strong architectural shapes," says Paula, who suggests anthurium and arum lilies for a bold display.
If the Chelsea Flower Show is anything to go by, the must-have plants for next year are foxgloves, irises and arum lilies.
Flicking through the latest copy of Homes & Gardens, I'm hard pushed to find even one page that doesn't have some kind of floral feature, from blooming peonies on a dressing table to a formal arrangement of arum lilies in an entrance hall.
Letters to me begged for reassurance that arum lilies were OK for the bouquet and a big blue hat right for mum.
White arum lilies, which will add strong verticals to any flower- planting scheme, are one of the signature plants of early summer.
Rest pots of Arum lilies by standing them outside, on their sides, near a south or west-facing wall.
Working together recently on a Pop Art styling assignment,he crowned our brightly coloured scheme with vivid yellow arum lilies completely immersed,heads and all,in blue tinted water.
The bride wore a simple full-length, long sleeved heavy white satin gown and carried a bouquet of white Arum lilies.
PUT exotic summer flowering bulbs like arum lilies and cannas in indoor pots ready for planting out after the frosts.
To illustrate "modernity" Tricia advises choosing flowers with strong sculptural shapes such as elegant arum lilies and montbretia seedheads.
BRING arum lilies and other spring flowers gradually into more heat and light.
IN exposed gardens take pots nerines, winter-flowering arum lilies and agapanthus indoors to protect from frost and waterlogging.