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Born in Amritsar into a family of painters in 1919, Aryan was not only a painter, but also an accomplished sculptor, calligrapher, illustrator and art collector.
RSS ideology has been inspired a lot from German Fascism not just in the matters of concept of nationalism but also in the projection of Aryan superiority.
Devsena (Karthika Nair), the heir apparent and an unparalleled warrior, born in matriarchal society will be seen heading the Dravidian clan to defend it from the ambush of the Aryans, who in search of SaptSindhu were willing to leave no stone unturned.
They began to lose their Aryan complexion and started to look like fat Muslim men or worse, dark-skinned residents of the city's otherwise excellent sewerage system.
Jha support the theory, while rightwing historians claim that Aryans were indigenous to the country.
We are delighted to launch the NIIT nGuru Math Lab at The Aryans School, Kolkata, which will help its students comprehend the subject better.
Most of the twins were blond with blue eyes=97featu= res=20 considered highly desirable under the Aryan supremacist views held by=20 Mengele and his fellow Nazis.
The Aryan vocabulary was not simply used by churchmen residing in Nazi Germany, nor was it limited to Vatican correspondence with fascist leaders; it was used regularly in papal correspondence destined for non-clergy and clergy alike.
With names like Intimidation One, Angry Aryans (members of whom, despite propounding ``white pride,'' refuse to show their faces on camera) and Max Resist (called the most ``mainstream'' and ``slick'' of the acts), the lyrics aren't subtle.
A few answers are given by Richard Noll, a well-known British psychoanalyst, in his quite objective book, The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung, (1997, New York: Random House).
Meanwhile, residents and the media got busy and let the Aryans know that racist demonstrations were not welcome in Coeur d'Alene.
To be ready for the Armageddon, and to make sure that White Aryans are triumphant at the end of the conflagration, Aryan women are advised to become proficient in the following: selfdefense, midwifery, survival cooking and education.