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(ā`sə), in the Bible, king of Judah, son and successor of Abijah. He was a good king, zealous in his extirpation of idols. When Baasha of Israel took Ramah (a few miles N of Jerusalem), Asa bought the help of Benhadad of Damascus and recaptured Ramah. His son Jehoshaphat succeeded him.

American National Standards Institute

An independent organization of trade associations, technical societies, professional groups, and consumer organizations; establishes and publishes standards; formerly known as the United States of America Standards Institute (USASI or ASI), and previously as the American Standards Association (ASA).


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The statement said ASA dismissed these claims as unfounded and nobody has interfered in the independent organisation.
Recommendation: The Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretary of the Air Force to establish a timetable to implement ASA as a steady-state mission.
Preeclampsia (in 100% of all the first pregnancies) occurred in 30% of the subsequent ASA-treated pregnancies, compared with just 3% of pregnancies treated with both ASA and LMWH.
We used acid hydrolysis of starches as a way to prepare ASA emulsions with a small particle size.
Crop protection companies have assisted USB and ASA in preparing and distributing educational materials to growers, including diagnostic guides.
ASA books and other materials in 21 subject areas, which include cognitive functioning, diversity, genetics, public policy, and technology, can be purchased online at the ASA Store.
The Vortec engines have between 40 and 50 horsepower less than the old ASA V-6 engines, but the series' spec BFGoodrich radial T/A tires help the stock cars go faster in the corners, he said.
Although the ASA score predicts surgical site infection, length of hospital stay, and risk for death (9-11), it is limited as a risk adjustment measure because of its subjectivity and poor inter-rater reliability (12-14).
Moreover, investors get to "have it their way" in that ASA helps them customize their portfolios.
Last year the Research Defence Society made a number of complaints to the ASA about two leaflets produced by Plan 2000 - the anti-vivisection group which I founded.
With its high-quality, detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand sailing lexicon, we expect Sailing Made Easy to help more people discover the joys of sailing," said Charlie Nobles, executive director of the ASA.
The ASA call for an academic boycott against Israel never should have happened," said AJC Executive Director David Harris.