Asbestos Board

asbestos board

[as′bes·təs ‚bȯrd]
A sheet of fire-resistant material made from asbestos fiber and portland cement.

Asbestos Board


fireproof insulating material made from chrysotile-asbestos fibers impregnated with bakelite. It is produced in the form of sheets 1,000 mm in length, 1,000 mm in width, and 2–10 mm in thickness. Asbestos boards are used as facing and heat-insulating material, for sealing joints in machines and equipment, and also in the manufacture of gaskets. Such boards may also serve as filler in combined asbestos-metal linings installed in pipelines operating under pressures of 4 meganewtons per m2 (40 kilograms-force per cm2) at temperatures ranging from 300° to 400° C.


Kitaitsev, V. A. Tekhnologiia teploizoliatsionnykh materialov. Moscow, 1959.


asbestos-cement board, asbestos-cement wallboard, asbestos sheeting

A dense, rigid, board containing a high proportion of asbestos fibers bonded with portland cement; resistant to fire, flame, and weathering; has low resistance to heat flow. Used as a building material in sheet form and corrugated sheeting.
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Something as simple as drilling a hole in a wall can be incredibly dangerous if DIY-ers don't take steps to ensure they are not drilling into an asbestos board or an electrical wire.
Mrs Thompson said she recalls him working in areas where there were badly damaged walls, believed to have been made from asbestos board.
Later that year, he worked as a labourer at Washington Chemical Company, where his job was to bag up the waste within the factory, including collecting cut-offs of asbestos board.
Camp Abbot consisted of nearly 100 buildings, "some or all of which" featured cement asbestos board siding, as well as insulation, floor tiles, ceilings and walls containing asbestos, Sunriver's suit alleges.
Dubai: Despite neighbouring countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia that have totally banned asbestos products and are relying on alternatives, the UAE only prohibits the manufacture and import of asbestos board, so mixing asbestos cement in a factory in the heart of Dubai is completely legal, an asbestos risk consultant has said.
Cement asbestos board supports tiled surfaces; the hearth's underside is plywood.
Much of the concrete asbestos board was collected by Desler last year under mandates from the DEQ, but at some point the removal stopped and some of the asbestos was hauled back to the site from a landfill for nonpayment, Heister said.
Conventional 2-by-4 framing sheathed with gypsum board encases and raises the prefabricated metal firebox, which sits on a 1/8-inch-thick asbestos board set atop 3/4-inch plywood.
Los pumping station Rewag with remediation wells version Civil engineering, reinforced concrete and demolition work: - 3,000 m3 of topsoil - Excavation 3,300 m3 - Nail wall 500 m2 - Embankment 3,000 m3 - Formwork 1~900 m2 - Konstruktivbeton 540 m3 - Grave excavation 1,000 m3 - Wegkofferung 1,700 m3 - Asphalt pavements 2,000 t - Concrete Demolition 50 m3 - Demolition asbestos board 95 m2 Los pipeline Rewag-Runtigenrain Construction works for utility lines cast northwest KSR 250 + 80 +150: - Grave excavation (forest) 2,000 m3 - Grave excavation (field) 2,000 m3 - Cable protection pipes 4,000 m
Work was halted on neighbouring units at the Packhorse Centre in Huddersfield on Thursday after a survey revealed asbestos boards in a wall.
He knew nothing of the lethal legacy of the asbestos boards he cut daily for the iconic liner.