Asbestos shingle

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asbestos shingle

[as′bes·təs ′shiŋ·gəl]
A shingle composed of asbestos cement formed under pressure; used on houses for roofing and siding that resist the destructive effects of time, weather, and fire.

Asbestos shingle

A roofing shingle that is composed of cement reinforced with asbestos fibers, manufactured in various shapes and sizes.
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Demolition of 2,700 square meters of asbestos shingle roofing
The couple, who are partners in the up-and-coming New York design firm Workstead, spent their weekends peeling, scraping and sanding away undesirable features like asbestos shingle siding and linoleum flooring, revealing original details like clapboard siding and wide-plank pine floors with square-head nails.
Complete directions for painting aluminum and vinyl siding, plus directions for painting, staining, or clear coating all other types of wood and non-wood sidings, including asbestos shingle, cement, brick, T-1-11, redwood and cedar log, plus all types of fencing and outdoor furniture are included in Glenn Haege's "Take the Pain out of Painting -- Exteriors.
The plentiful black and white illustrations, mostly photographed by Walter Harper, include a section on architectural vocabulary that illustrate the specialized terms used in descriptions such as Clipped Gable or Jerkinhead Roof, Knee Brackets, and Pent Roof, as well as more familiar terms: Asbestos Shingles and Shed Roof.
According to the EPA website called Toxic Substances: "Used for insulation and as a fire retardant, asbestos and ACMs can be found in a variety of building construction materials, including pipe and furnace insulation materials, asbestos shingles, millboard, textured paint and other coating materials, and floor tiles.
The complaint alleges that in July 2013, Patriots was hired to remove asbestos shingles from the outside walls of a single-family home in Sturbridge.
Louis making asbestos shingles, Mitchell waited--as his father had predicted--for the Air Corps to lower the entrance requirements for pilot training.
Other ecologically friendly techniques might include metal roofing - "We don't want to be putting asbestos shingles into the waste stream in a few years," he said - and using cisterns to capture rainwater for reuse in flushing toilets.
Contractors removed asbestos shingles and lead paint hazards from the home before volunteers took over the rehabilitation project.
BOSTON -- The state Department of Environmental Protection has fined a New Hampshire company that removed asbestos shingles from a company whose workers removed asbestos shingles from a vacant home in Feb.
Who's at risk: Owners of property with asbestos shingles built or reroofed before the mid-1980s.
The removal of exterior asbestos shingles has already started.

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