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Billionaire Ashcroft, who funded the Tory party to the tune of PS8million over a decade, was furious to be dumped by Cameron after being promised a government job following the 2010 election.
Keir Michael, 41, had denied murdering Darren Ashcroft, 35, at the G4S-run jail in Fazakerley.
The 72-year-old visitor, from Missouri, goes by the name of John Ashcroft.
In Kansas City, Ashcroft said, federal prosecutions jumped 26 percent in 2002, while the murder rate dropped 23 percent, its lowest level in 30 years.
More than a year after the events of September 11, 2001, we are seeing the best of America--the Constitution and Bill of Rights--shredded by President George Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft.
Ashcroft is again using a convenient minority as a hostage shield in order to deflect the severe criticism directed at him as he shreds the Constitution and Bill of Rights and allows the remnants to be used as wipes for the hands of the FBI as uncharged detainees are interrogated incommunicado in secret locations without benefit of legal counsel.
Jones to extend an initial temporary restraining order against enforcement of the Ashcroft ruling until after all the parties to the litigation are able to fully brief the judge on the issues involved.
Ashcroft houses, wired for cyberspace, with detailing and a few touches that conjure up images of the Jetsons.
In his confirmation hearings before the Senate last month, critics feared Ashcroft would carry the cross into office (see Opinion).
Just three years ago, when the appeal of the Gallagher brothers was starting to wane and Robbie was struggling to launch his solo career, Richard Ashcroft was Britain's biggest rock star.
Ashcroft also has a little "foot-in-mouth" disease as demonstrated by his on-the-record remarks to Southern Partisan magazine in 1998.
This latest experiment marks an interesting point along the road to a deeper understanding of hydrogen,' says Neil Ashcroft, a physicist at Cornell University.