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(əshkhəbät`), formerly


city (1991 pop. 412,200), capital of Turkmenistan, near the border with Iran, on the Trans-Caspian RR. The city has textile, motion picture, and crafts industries. Ashgabat was founded in 1881 as a fortress. From 1919 to 1927 it was named Poltoratsk. An earthquake in 1948 virtually destroyed the city, which stands in a major fault zone. The southern section of the city has been extensively developed since the 1990s, with wide boulevards and monumental buildings, many them clad in white marble. The Turkmen Academy of Sciences is in Ashgabat.


, Ashgabat
the capital of Turkmenistan. Pop.: 598 000 (2005 est.)
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He said that the Managing Director of PIA directed the flight captain to land at the nearest possible location which was Ashgabad.
On July 27, in what seemed like coordinated actions with Tehran, Ashgabad sent a diplomatic note to Baku claiming that the fields it referred to as Osman, Khazar and Atyn-Asyr (and that Azerbaijan called the Shargh, Guneshly and Azeri fields) belonged to Turkmenistan.
Galenkamp in Vienna, Hadiya Nazirova and Maya Vahokova in Dushanbe, Anjela Begjanova in Ashgabad, and Richard Brown in Baku.
This powerful gas pipeline will create the opportunity to increase in the near future the amount of Turkmen gas delivered to China up to 40 billion cubic meters in a year," the Turkmen leader said in Ashgabad during the negotiations.
108/2011 Ratifying the agreement for the creation of an international axis for transport and transit between the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Qatar, Turkmenistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan ' (Ashgabad agreement) signed in Ashgabad April 25th 2011.
After the signing of GPFA in Ashgabad next week, the parties are planning to convene rigorous rounds of negotiations so as to finalize the Gas Sales Purchase Agreement during a proposed TAPI summit in Ashgabad.
Departments of Archaeology also exist in the republican academic institutions in Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan); Ashgabad (Turkmenistan); Bishpek (Kyrgyzstan); and Dushanbe (Tadjikistan).
The Turkish president is also expected to visit Turkish nationals living in Ashgabad and attend a groundbreaking ceremony for Turkmen-Turkish University's new campus.
The slopes south of Ashgabad have become covered in green.
AHMET GURBANNEPESOV was born in the village of Buzmeyin in Ashgabad province.
To celebrate such an unusual success, our bashlyk(1) had several truckloads of presents brought from Ashgabad, which were distributed as awards to all those who took part in the harvest.