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(also ashik), a folk singer and storyteller among the Azerbaijanis and neighboring peoples in the Soviet Union and Turkey. The term ashug has been known in Azerbaijan since the 15th century (the ashug Gurbani), but the art of the ashug has a still longer history (as exemplified by the ozans of the tenth and 11th centuries). The ashug in Azerbaijan has long been called El anasi (Mother of the People) in Azerbaijan, because it has always expressed the hopes of the people, defended the freedom to love, and sung of devotion to country. The lyrical poetry of the ashugs comprises dozens of forms and styles. There is a rich ashug music (havajai). Many folk dastans (epics) on amorous, heroic, and moralistic themes are attributed to the ashugs. The traditions of ashug poetry are still alive today. Ashugs perform at concerts and write songs and dastans on themes of modern life.


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