Elias Ashmole

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Elias Ashmole
BirthplaceLichfield, Staffordshire, England
antiquarian, politician, officer of arms, astrologer and alchemist

Ashmole, Elias

(ăsh`mōl), 1617–92, English archaeologist and antiquary. He made exhaustive antiquarian studies, especially The Institution, Laws and Ceremonies of the Order of the Garter (1672) and The Antiquities of Berkshire (3 vol., 1719). In 1677 he donated to the Univ. of Oxford a collection of curiosities, including his own contributions and those bequeathed to him by a friend. His gift formed the nucleus of the Ashmolean Museum (ăshmō`lēən), the first such public institution in England. He later donated his library to Oxford, and the whole was housed in a building erected by Sir Christopher WrenWren, Sir Christopher,
1632–1723, English architect. A mathematical prodigy, he studied at Oxford. He was professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London, from 1657 to 1661, when he became Savilian professor of astronomy at Oxford.
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. The collection is now in a 19th-century building and includes European works of art from medieval to present times as well as Asian works.


See his Autobiographical and Historical Notes and Correspondence, ed. by C. H. Josten (1967).

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But while they trace their origins to European models--the Ashmolean was born when Elias Ashmole made his gift to Oxford University in 1677--the tables are now turned.
THE STORY: Diana Bishop, a witch and scholar, and her husband, Matthew Clairmont, a vampire-geneticist, return to the present after their quest for the manuscript Ashmole 782--The Book of Life--in Elizabethan England.
Light-welterweight Chris Truman was a clear winner against stand-in veteran Carl Allen from Wolverhampton and Bloxwich's Dan Breeze had a successful, if unnecessarily flashy, debut at welterweight against Swansea's Matthew Ashmole, winning 40-36.
Richard Sheale we know best from his 'Lament', written down in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashmole 48, which describes how, in 1556 or 1577, while travelling from his home town of Tamworth towards London, he was set upon by thieves as he was crossing Dunsmore Heath, near Rugby.
Steve Robinson, who trained Kennedy for his topof-the-bill win, was also pleased with his son's performance as Francis Luke Robinson took a solid points win against Swansea light-middleweight Matthew Ashmole, mainly from a very effective jab and good speed throughout.
Riley forced the stoppage of Swansea's Matthew Ashmole after just 1.
I commend Clare Dixon-Clarke, our KS2 Head of Art, for having the vision to unite art teachers to move forward in a spirit of collaboration and Tess Ashmole and Estelle Wardle for turning the vision into a reality.
Chair: Chris Harrison, Immediate Past President, NAHT and Rebecca Hawkes, Deputy Head, Ashmole Academy
Originally published in Codex Ashmole 61: A Compilation of Popular Middle English Verse.
TODAY NATIONAL OF SWEDEN 1683: The first public museum, the Ashmolean, was opened by Elias Ashmole in Oxford.
Among them are Elias Ashmole, Sive and Parvati, Pythagoras, St.