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Corey held senior financial executive positions with Forte Software, Ashton-Tate Corporation and Western Digital Corporation.
He was a key contributor in the 1991 merger of Ashton-Tate Corporation with Borland International, then the largest PC software maker of its type.
the proprietor of the original database management system (DMBS) published by Ashton-Tate Corporation and later purchased from Borland Software (NASDAQ:BORL).
Prior to this he held financial positions with Ashton-Tate Corporation and Archive Corporation.
Schmidt originally joined Inprise/Borland as an employee of Ashton-Tate Corporation.
Furthermore, at Borland International Inc, he directed HR initiatives for the company's acquisition of Ashton-Tate Corporation, where he had previously served in a senior-level HR management role.
Prior to Frame, David led sales organizations at Ashton-Tate Corporation, developer and vendor of the dBASE relational database and application development tool, and Lotus Development Corporation.
and PC database software firm Ashton-Tate Corporation, Lyons is a seasoned software executive with a 30-year record of success, including 18 years in management positions at IBM Corporation.
Schmidt joined Inprise in 1991 as managing director of Borland Benelux as part of the company's merger with Ashton-Tate Corporation.
Proctor has previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Platinum Software Corporation, as President and Chief Operating Officer of Ashton-Tate Corporation, and as Vice President of the Personal Software Products Division of IBM.
While president of Ashton-Tate Corporation from 1990- 91, Proctor played a key role in the company's return to profitability, leading to its acquisition by Borland International.
and before that held several Director and Vice Presidential positions with Ashton-Tate Corporation, Landmark Systems and Maxm Systems Corporation.